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At Color we design vibrant cloud solutions that shift organisations forward, fast. We use the Salesforce platform to transform customer experience, collaboration, business process and marketing, with measurable impact on the bottom line.

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As one of only a few Salesforce partners, globally, to have successfully implemented and evolved a Student Information System (SIS), built on the Salesforce platform, we know how to help Education institutions embrace the Cloud.


Working with leading Research institutions, Color has designed a sophisticated Project Governance app built on Salesforce that maps a project with risks, goals, criteria and other metrics, presentable in bespoke document outputs for auditing by funders.


As a smaller business ourselves we understand you want the same CRM superpowers as everyone else - to easily track contacts, key deals, sales performance, and customer interactions. But you also need added agility, flexibility and usability.



Enterprises want to extract value from their data. Color harnesses Salesforce - accurate reporting, data cleansing, record centralisation - to reduce waste and delay, and serve your Customer Success ambitions.

Third Sector


Color is proud to work with remarkable NFPs and Social Enterprises, delivering maximum social impact within limited budgets. We match automated outreach and marketing services with an adaptable CRM to increase exposure and membership retention.

Why choose us?

For our proven methodology

We start with people,
not technology

We understand technology can be a tool to improve people’s lives. At Color, we believe that in order to choose the best tools and to provide the best consultation, we need to get to the root of our clients’ ambitions, company-wide and within its teams. An organisation is made by its people, and it is through their experiences and needs, their working routine and ambitions, that we find the best ideas and solutions.

Why choose us?

For our track record

We've delivered serious results, time and again

It is through experience that we understand the reasons behind the facts, the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. At Color, we believe this is central to tackling business challenges. With our expertise and our proven credentials, we will bring our wealth of experience to engage with your business problem, to show you how your known issue and your likely next issue can be met head on.

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Our services

Service Cloud

Service Cloud is Salesforce’s offering for the customer-service CRM space, of comprehensive case management and customer engagement across digital media channels. The Service Cloud combines the powerful yet flexible foundation of Salesforce with unrivalled customer outreach capabilities. Color knows how to how to expand your reach, customer retention and case resolution rate as qualified Service Cloud Consultants.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud is an online social platform from Salesforce that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other and the data and records they need to get work done. Users can visit the community to find answers to problems, share experiences of a company’s products and services, and make suggestions for product improvements. Customers can also use the community to engage with one another and answer each other’s questions around relevant topics.

Pardot & Marketing Cloud

Increase your engagement with customers, close more deals, grow relationships with sale ready prospects and calculate your ROI all in one place!
With components like the Engagement Studio, Reports and Scores & Grades, Salesforce’s Marketing Automation Platform Pardot gives transparency and full visibility on the prospects’ engagement with your marketing content. Help your marketing team create custom nurturing campaigns in just a couple of clicks!


Quickstarts are Color’s services for Salesforce configuration projects, available at three levels.
Rapide: Get started fast with some great benefits from our quickest setup, including hand-picked apps, a How-To Guide and customised pages for a cleaner user experience.
Schnell: Get more out of Opportunities, unlock the power of Workflow and make the best of reporting with our immediate setup.
Veloce: Our comprehensive Quickstart configures and tailors the best of the standard Sales or Service Cloud functionality for your edition.

App development

Salesforce Apps is an impressive capability that can group objects, tasks, reporting and visual layouts depending on the users or profile. Harnessing the potential to reorganise data visibility and, in doing so, open up the limits of CRM usage, we have developed custom Apps for projects as varied as Research Project Governance to Staff and Students and traditional Sales Pipelines. A malleable base allows the App to match the aspirations of the project if the requirements change.


Color’s Support package is ITIL based, with ongoing email support during office hours and a concise schedule outlining our SLA. Color provides clear and concise documentation to help your team pick up day-to-day tasks, so you don’t end up paying for needless ongoing costs. Customer Success sits at the heart of our Support package – something we never compromise.


Color runs training sessions catered to users of every level of confidence and experience, covering all aspects of Salesforce products, from navigation and explaining your customised data structure to Lightning Migration and advanced reporting. Color offers on-site and webinar sessions, and hour-long to multi-day blocks, and also gives train-the-trainers courses tailored to your system.

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