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BluprintX is a rapidly growing group of businesses who provide the very best in MarTech, SalesTech and Work Management solutions to help companies drive revenue growth. Extending our reach beyond Salesforce, we can now deliver access to a comprehensive tech stack and a global team of experienced consultants.

Why choose us?

Because we're Cloud specialists

We understand your sector inside out


As one of only a few Salesforce partners, globally, to have successfully implemented and evolved a Student Information System (SIS), built on the Salesforce platform, we know how to help Education institutions embrace the Cloud.


Working with leading Research institutions, Color has designed a sophisticated Project Governance app built on Salesforce that maps a project with risks, goals, criteria and other metrics, presentable in bespoke document outputs for auditing by funders.


As a smaller business ourselves we understand you want the same CRM superpowers as everyone else - to easily track contacts, key deals, sales performance, and customer interactions. But you also need added agility, flexibility and usability.



Enterprises want to extract value from their data. Color harnesses Salesforce - accurate reporting, data cleansing, record centralisation - to reduce waste and delay, and serve your Customer Success ambitions.

Third Sector


Color is proud to work with remarkable NFPs and Social Enterprises, delivering maximum social impact within limited budgets. We match automated outreach and marketing services with an adaptable CRM to increase exposure and membership retention.

Why choose us?

For our proven methodology

We start with people,
not technology

We understand technology can be a tool to improve people’s lives. At Color, we believe that in order to choose the best tools and to provide the best consultation, we need to get to the root of our clients’ ambitions, company-wide and within its teams. An organisation is made by its people, and it is through their experiences and needs, their working routine and ambitions, that we find the best ideas and solutions.

Why choose us?

For our track record

We've delivered serious results, time and again

It is through experience that we understand the reasons behind the facts, the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. At Color, we believe this is central to tackling business challenges. With our expertise and our proven credentials, we will bring our wealth of experience to engage with your business problem, to show you how your known issue and your likely next issue can be met head on.

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