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App Development

With our wide range of certifications the Color team is highly equipped to built bespoke solutions, we are always up to date with the newest releases so to offer you the best products and features the platform can provide.

Key Benefits

  • Get custom apps built specifically to  your organisation’s needs
  • Automation of complex processes
  • Optimised data capture
  • User-friendly and intuitive Lightning interface
  • Implementation of best practices

On average, with a custom made Salesforce implementation, businesses can expect a 41% increase in productivity, a decrease of 31% in Pipeline Management Time and a decrease of 29% in Reporting Time.


Salesforce Apps is an impressive capability that can group objects, tasks, reporting and visual layouts depending on the users or profile. Harnessing the potential to reorganise data visibility and, in doing so, open up the limits of CRM usage, we have developed custom Apps for projects as varied as Research Project Governance to Staff and Students and traditional Sales Pipelines. A malleable base allows the App to match the aspirations of the project if the requirements change.

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