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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

With a heritage dating back to 1898 and its first lecturer, Ronald Ross, as the first British recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is a unique organisation.  LSTM is a major research partner for leading philanthropic funders such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wolfson Foundation and is at the vanguard for the elimination of malaria and other tropical diseases.
Less well known is that LSTM is also a teaching organisation, helping to increase the disease-fighting capacity of countries around the world.

Volunteer Edinburgh

As COVID-19 spread over the world and consequently over Britain, many organisations were affected and needed to act fast to adapt to their new realities. Such a challenge heavily resonated with Volunteer Edinburgh (VE).

Located in the centre of Edinburgh, VE is a Not for Profit organisation that manages volunteering opportunities across Scotland. In a matter of just a couple of days, the volunteering managers at VE were quickly overwhelmed and unfortunately not prepared for the enormous influx of volunteering enquiries that came in. They had to think of a quick solution to efficiently sort, manage and deploy their volunteers more than ever before.
At the forefront of the pandemic, VE’s volunteers would be crucial in helping reduce the spread of the pandemic and in helping the NHS manage the global crisis at a local level.

Due to the urgency of the issue at hand, Color decided to deliver this project pro bono to VE as part of their Pledge1% initiative and to show generosity in this time of need and to help the most vulnerable.

Aspire Liverpool

Aspire is a Liverpool-based charity that seeks to uplift the tertiary education opportunities of Sixth Form students in the city by giving them intensive help with their university applications for Russell Group universities. Aspire’s particular focus is on helping students facing disadvantaged circumstances see themselves as future Oxbridge students.

Away days are held for students throughout the academic year and regular guidance and support is given whilst they complete their UCAS applications. A network of local alumni of Oxbridge colleges are connected with applicants – for many, this will be their first encounter with people who look and sound like them that have achieved such academic success. 

Though a small charity, Aspire works with all major state schools in the city region and anticipates growth over the coming years, aiming to reach more young people across the region.

University of Liverpool Management School

The University of Liverpool Management School is a world leading centre for management and leadership education and research, and is amongst an elite group of business schools to hold the gold standard triple accreditation. The School engages with many and varied external stakeholders; for students it is to ensure it provides them with opportunities to develop work-ready skills by working with, and learning from, business professionals, whilst for its academic researchers the School wants to enable them to work with, and listen carefully to, external partners to make a real difference. Therefore the School needs to understand where it has external connections and how it can maximise the reach of those influences in order to make a difference.

The School had used Salesforce Org for many years to hold information on its external contacts but to help the School better understand, map and report on these connections we proposed they start optimising their Salesforce Org with a quick Healthcheck. 

This process revealed that the School had renamed the Accounts and Contacts Objects based upon criteria and categories; this methodology restricted their ability to report back information. As a result, they approached us to help them optimise their Org, to understand how to properly organise and filter their data so that it can better understand key insights they were looking for.

Millar & Bryce

Miller and Bryce (M&B) is an organisation that delivers analysis and legal certification on land use using the Scottish land registry. The Scottish land registry is still in the process of being digitised (approximately half the register remains in physical form and in Latin).

M&B reports on historical underground land use under, to ward against sinkholes caused by coal mining, amongst a plethora of land use cases. They query the land register and must produce a legal report validating what lies underfoot for the property owner.

The central challenge in our project with M&B: how to impose structure on an inherently flexible platform. So why choose Salesforce? In essence, tight visibility control and field auditing: seeing who does what, where, clearly and accurately.

Digital Mums

At Color, we love working with organisations that embrace the emerging culture of flexible, web-based working. Digital Mums is training women who want to rejoin the workforce to be an integral part of that culture, prepared for the inevitable changes that will continue revolutionising the economy whilst encouraging family-friendly and flexible careers.

As a private education provider, Digital Mums not only trains women in vital digital skills but fosters a community for their students. Students and staff primarily interact via online meetings, organised through their CRM.


The Workers Educational Association (WEA) provides high- quality educational opportunities to communities throughout the UK. The mission of the WEA reaches far beyond simply teaching. Its mission is to raise aspirations, increase opportunities and inspire local community members to support and build an educational movement for a social purpose. The WEA has 600 branches, 11,000 members, 2,800 volunteers and on average 50,000 students on 7,300 courses.

To meet their growth targets, the WEA is aware that their legacy MIS system, can neither scale nor provide the features and functions that are required to allow the WEA to provide effective and modern service delivery.

Color will present themselves in the first instance as ‘Business Process and Optimisation Consultants’ and will begin to engage in platform migration as part of process re-engineering WEA’s ecosystem. 

Swivel Secure

Swivel Secure (SS) is an international industry leader in authentication solutions. Founded in 2001, Swivel Secure protects thousands of companies in 52 countries and delivers multi-factor authentication solutions combined with single sign-on and risk-based authentication for intelligently securing cloud and on-premise architecture.

Swivel Secure (SS) already had a Salesforce platform but unfortunately, it was not set up appropriately and SS wasn’t able to use to its best capacity. Swivel Secure had trouble finding the right kind of data in which it also took time to find when they did. 

Consequently, their data quality was poor, and their reports were not reflecting accurately their business processes. 

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