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Color Duo Quickstart 

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM & Pardot Combined Quickstart

We’re sure that in your organisation, like most, Sales is the ying to Marketing’s yang - so why wouldn’t they be tied together into one project?

Welcome to Color Duo: 1 team, coherent objectives and a combined programme of delivery across 2 complementary platforms, all within the same ecosystem, using the world’s leading CRM and its award-winning sister marketing automation platform, Pardot.

In implementing a Marketing and Sales solution integrated from the ground up, your processes will be future-proofed through considering the entire prospect life cycle whilst setting up strong foundations to make your solution even more scalable. 

Key Benefits

  • Fast track your business transformation with express implementation and integration of best practice solutions.
  • Enhance end-user adoption through customised training provided remotely or on-premise.
  • Set up strong foundations to enable you to scale up your solution in future through native configuration, business process mapping and basic customisation.
  • Go live in days or weeks and achieve a faster return on investment (ROI).

On average, with a custom made Salesforce implementation, businesses can expect a 41% increase in productivity, a decrease of 31% in Pipeline Management Time and a decrease of 29% in Reporting Time.

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s sales platform that helps organisations
gain a 360° view of their customer and prospect interactions, and so a more accurate and dependable take on future revenues.

With industry-leading functionality like Flow and Process Builder Color
will optimise your processes, centralise your data and build insightful
and timely reporting. Color takes clients from offline or fragmented
processes and systems to a cohesive Salesforce CRM, at any of the Salesforce price ranges. And for organisations already using Salesforce Classic, we can manage a rollout strategy to the new Lightning interface.


Pardot is a smarter marketing automation built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, that enables you and your marketing team to create, deploy, and manage all your marketing campaigns.

Not only does Pardot make it easier for organisations to track and measure the effectiveness of their communications, but they also gain insights on user behaviour, can personalise content across campaigns based on a variety of specific criteria fit to your organisation.
Like the axiom Right Place Right Time, with Pardot, you can be confident that you’re speaking to the right person at the right time with the right language.

Timescale & Pricing

14 days implementation at £700/day – £9,800 + VAT

5 days for Sales Cloud Quickstart
5 days for Pardot Quickstart
4 days for Client Liaison 


Sales Cloud CRM Deliverables

1 Sales Discovery of 3 hours
Sales Cloud Connector & Pardot Integration
Company Configuration
User Setup
Standard Object Customisation
Custom Fields
Lead and Contact Page Set Up
Data Upload
1 Workflows Automation
3 Reports & 1 Dashboard
2x 1h30 Training Sessions

Pardot Deliverables

Technical Set Up
1 Discovery Session of 3 hours
User Configuration
Pardot Connector and Sales Cloud Integration
Scoring and Grading
Map Fields to Salesforce Sales Cloud
Website Tracking Code
Tracker Domain
2x 1h30 Training Sessions

User Journey Set Up
Lead and Contact Page Set Up
1 Nurture Campaign
1 Landing Page
1 Engagement Journey
1 Automation Rule
2 Email Template (A/B Testing)
1 Webform Handler 

Pardot customers have seen an increase in sales revenue of 34% and a marketing effectiveness increase by 37% on average.

Managed Services - How We Can Best Support Your Success

With your newly delivered Color Duo Quickstart, your staff may be looking for additional support whilst they get up to speed. 

To answer that need, Color has created a bespoke Managed Service to reassure your staff that they are not on their own and that Color consultants are close at hand to answer any questions or issues that may arise. 

This enables your staff to feel more confident with the system and ultimately increase a sustainable user adoption to the new platform.

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