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Salesforce Health Check

As a certified partner, Color will follow the Salesforce best practice guide to review a Salesforce installation in line with security guidelines and GDPR regulations that apply to the client.
Our end-to-end Salesforce health checks of your CRM and marketing systems will ensure you have a foundation for success.

Salesforce Health Check Benefits

  • Maximise the efficiency of your Salesforce Org and enhance ROI
  • Blueprint and roadmap of your Salesforce Org’s optimisation
  • Get a full overview of the health and data security of your Salesforce Org
  • Stronger user adoption & increased productivity

On average, with a custom made Salesforce implementation, businesses can expect a 41% increase in productivity, a decrease of 31% in Pipeline Management Time and a decrease of 29% in Reporting Time.


Want to get more out of your Salesforce investment? We’ll go to grips with your syste,m tell you about any lurking dangers, which resources are under-used, and give simple ways to optimise your CRM with our health check tools. With our collective decades of expertise, we have the necessary technical, business and marketing knowledge to revitalise your CRM, through our expansive systems knowledge, Salesforce qualifications and bespoke suite of platforms.

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