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Where there is space for growth, there is space for positive change. We believe a successful platform utilises flexibility, visibility and usability to grow alongside its users - essential for SME organisations that know the value of an agile mindset.

We build custom Salesforce solutions to support organisational objectives


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A Scalable Platform

The Salesforce platform enables organisations to grow and scale up as it can easily be upgraded, edited and tailored to meet your ever-evolving needs. Highly customisable and secure the platform extends the organisation’s power to sell, service and market with the world’s largest business app marketplace, the AppExchange!

Improve Collaboration

Through the use of different features and dynamic components, the Salesforce platform helps employees stay on top of their projects. By logging activities against a contact or organisation, or with automated reminders and assigning tasks to others, foster a more innovative and collaborative workspace using the Salesforce platform.

Simplified IT Infrastructure

As your organisation evolves, your IT requirements will grow and become more important. With Salesforce, you will be able to build your own mobile apps to stay on top of your collaborations, share data between colleagues or access the latest updates while on the move, giving organisations huge efficiency savings!

Why choose us?

For our proven methodology

Relevant skills to SMEs

We Deliver GDPR Compliant Solutions

We know that running an SMB can be hard (we’ve been there too!) and it can be difficult to keep track of all the different aspects of your business. At Color, we want to create solutions that are going to empower our clients by making some of their processes easier to manage and that is why all of our solutions are GDPR compliant. So no need to stay up at night, we will take care of your GDPR requirements!

Wide Range of Certifications & Expert Technical Knowledge

At Color, we love to keep up with industry news and are always on the lookout for new products. Combined, we have over 10 Salesforce certifications and are always up to date with our certification maintenances. We take pride in our work, and as Registered Salesforce partners, we are heavily involved in development groups to ensure the quality of our solutions.

Proven Extensive Support & Training Programmes

We don’t only deliver solutions to our clients, we also believe in the need to empower them in order for the solution to be sustainable. At Color we do not trust in ‘one size fits all’ solutions and as a result, we have created extensive support and training programmes that are tailored to each of our clients’ needs and requirements.

Lightning Migration

The new Lightning interface from Salesforce is intuitive, improves user productivity, makes jobs easier and can, with the right implementation, transform your organisation. Built on modern web standards Salesforce Lightning is all about arming your users with the right data to be informed and make the right choices.

But don’t take our word for it – according to Forrestor in their 2018 ‘Total Economic Impact’ study of migrations from Salesforce Classic to Lightning:

Lightning Migration delivers 34% ROI along with the improved user-experience, end-user productivity, and efficiency savings.

If you have used Lightning, or taken a peak, you might not be surprised by this. But did you know Salesforce will be turning off the legacy Classic interface in phases starting early 2020? If that worries you it need not. By working with a partner such as Color, who have implemented many Lightning projects since its original inception in 2014, we will help you deliver a successful migration with our 10 point plan.

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