Color's training workshops are tailored to our clients' organizational structure and systems. Our approach focuses on user journeys rather than specific functionality and is built on a holistic understanding of the client’s processes and objectives. 

The sessions will be split between listening to and watching the trainer and interactive training in the system, as we believe these to be the best ways to learn about Salesforce’s functionalities and drive successful user adoption.

We aim to Empower our customers, not just Deliver projects.
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Color runs training sessions catered to users of every level of confidence and experience, covering all aspects of Salesforce products, from navigation and explaining your customised data structure to Lightning Migration and advanced reporting. Color offers on-site and webinar sessions, and hour-long to multi-day blocks, and also gives train-the-trainers courses tailored to your system. 
On-site training will be subject to lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

Training Workshops

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Key Benefits

Bespoke training workshops fit to your organisation's needs

Knowledge transfer of best practices and standardisation of processes

Stronger user adoption and employee satisfaction

Stronger on return on investment