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As a Salesforce Registered Partner we talk the lingo of world’s No 1 platform for connecting customers and organisations, and make sure the Salesforce clouds sing to your tune and deliver to your goals

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s sales platform that helps organisations better utilise their data through, amongst a plethora of benefits, process optimisation and automation, accurate reporting and data centralisation. As Salesforce consultants, Color takes clients from offline or fragmented processes and systems to a cohesive Sales Cloud CRM, at any of the Salesforce price ranges. And for organisations already using Salesforce Classic, we can manage a rollout strategy to the new Lightning interface.

Experience Cloud

The Experience Cloud, formerly known as the Community Cloud is an online social platform from Salesforce that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other and the data and records they need to get work done. Users can visit the community to find answers to problems, share experiences of a company’s products and services, and make suggestions for product improvements. Customers can also use the community to engage with one another and answer each other’s questions around relevant topics.

Salesforce Lightning Optimisation

For our clients that have adopted Salesforce as their CRM, we can help them move away from Salesforce Classic to the all-new Salesforce Lightning platform, with its unsurpassed ease of use and potential for automated processes. As your Salesforce consultant, Color will start by assessing your Salesforce Org and then optimise it to the full capabilities of the new functionality and set a path for your Lightning Migration. We will provide a roadmap of our rolled out strategy, the areas that will be covered and lastly a training session for all users on the newly adopted Lightning User Interface.

Marketing Automation

Increase your engagement with customers, close more deals, grow relationships with sales-ready prospects and calculate your ROI all in one place! Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, we have you covered with Pardot and the Marketing Cloud! With features such as the Engagement Studio, Reports, and a full integration to the Salesforce platform, marketing automation will free your team up and give them full visibility on prospects and help them deliver better targeted and measurable, more effective campaigns.

Salesforce Health Check

Want to get out more of your Salesforce investment? We’ll get to grips with your system tell you about any lurking dangers, which resources are under-used, and give simple ways to optimise your CRM. With our collective decades of expertise, we have the necessary technical, business and marketing knowledge to revitalise your CRM, through our expansive systems knowledge, Salesforce qualifications and bespoke suite of platforms.


Quickstarts are Color’s services for Salesforce configuration projects, available at three levels.
Rapide: Get started fast with some great benefits from our quickest setup, including hand-picked apps, a How-To Guide and customised pages for a cleaner user experience.
Schnell: Get more out of Opportunities, unlock the power of Workflow and make the best of reporting with our immediate setup.
Veloce: Our comprehensive Quickstart configures and tailors the best of the standard Sales or Service Cloud functionality for your edition.

App Development

Salesforce Apps is an impressive capability that can group objects, tasks, reporting and visual layouts depending on the users or profile. Harnessing the potential to reorganise data visibility and, in doing so, open up the limits of CRM usage, we have developed custom Apps for projects as varied as Research Project Governance to Staff and Students and traditional Sales Pipelines. A malleable base allows the App to match the aspirations of the project if the requirements change.

Support & Managed Services

At Color, we aim to offer support options that meet our clients’ needs on an individual basis. As a result, we offer two support services: our Responsive Support contract and our Managed Service. The responsive support contract offers our clients a dedicated channel of communication in which every enquiry is issued through a ticketing system with the possibility of delivering minor updates. Our managed service goes deeper and answers a more complex organisational need; it provides a dedicated Color staff to take control over their Salesforce Org Admin duties, and is the main point of contact to answer any questions that may arise internally. In either case, our priority at Color is to ensure our clients feel empowered and that their needs are met head-on!

Centinal - Salesforce Org Governance & Backups

Centinal is a managed service we offer our clients for the backup and restoration of their Salesforce Org data and configuration. This includes ongoing reviews and implementation of Salesforce alerts and releases and a virtual admin for your configuration amends.
With Centinal, know where your responsibilities lie with the recovery of your data and rest assured that you have Salesforce experts making sure the unpredictable has been covered.


Color runs training sessions catered to users of every level of confidence and experience, covering all aspects of Salesforce products, from navigation and explaining your customised data structure to Lightning Migration and advanced reporting. Color offers on-site and webinar sessions, and hour-long to multi-day blocks, and also gives train-the-trainers courses tailored to your system.

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