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Given the range of capabilities within the various Salesforce clouds there really is no limit to what can be achieved, but to wet your appetite here is some of our recent work

Intelligent Communities with the Experience Cloud

An organisation’s processes are rarely only inward facing. Whether it is connecting with customers, co-ordinating with partners, nurturing prospects or even aligning your employees, the Experience Cloud allows your internal information to be intelligently made available to that interest group. Of course, this is done in a secure and controlled manner, meaning just the right data is presented to the right group or individual. 

  • Partner Portal: optimise your sales channels by sharing and jointly working opportunities, even with partner specific pricing if required. Only expose enough data to support the sale. And imagine the power of co-branded marketing materials at a click of a button.
  • Customer Self Service: provide your customers with the right information they seek 24/7 with an online customer community, with answers to problems, allowing share experiences of your organisation’s products and services, and even make suggestions for improvements.
  • Applications: whether you are an education group seeking course applicants or a provider of financial products you will need a secure, intuitive and extendible mechanism for collecting that application information. And back office processes to ensure those applicants are answered quickly and efficiently.
  • Employee Engagement: not every employee needs the full power of Salesforce. With Salesforce Employee Communities a simpler set of functionality can be provided to discrete internal groups, with the same unrivalled security but with lower license costs.

Salesforce Communities can provide all this and more, with quick to implement themes and embedded functionality.

Payment Gateway

Allowing customers to pay online, direct via their Salesforce records, can be a game changer for many organisations. Not only does it lowers the costs to serve your customer but also delivers real value – helping your customer pay 24/7, via credit card, bank transfer or specialist provider. Combine this functionality with a platform that provides a full 360 view of customer interactions and the ability to schedule reminders, invoices and ‘thank you’ communication, and the possibilities are almost limitless.

  • Membership renewals: Warm up you existing members prior to renewal, allow a self service payment capability and trigger internal processes to support.
  • Event bookings: Confirm bookings, deliver timely booking reminders, manage event capacity and take payment with minimal internal resource. 
  • Self Serve Upsells: By combining with a Salesforce Community your customers can be offered complimentary services and direct payment mechanisms.

Or course, where money is changing hands both security and data governance must be assured. So why not use the world’s No 1 CRM platform with unrivalled security and data governance?

Color partners with Asperato and their Payonomy platform, but can also work with payment solutions you may already use.

Finance Integration

Too often after a sale is made the key points of a deal – amount, products, schedule, contacts – have to re-entered into a finance system to ensure an invoice is sent. We all know that double keying is wasteful and error prone, so why does this situation persist? Perhaps it is the fear of unauthorised staff seeing sensitive financial information. Or maybe such an integration is just considered too complex.

With the power of the Sales Cloud both the concerns of security and complexity can be persuasively answered. Some of the use cases that integration between CRM and a finance system can provide include:

  • Invoice creation: directly from the won opportunity, or from an agreed schedule. If required this can be to a draft status.
  • Redrafting: agreeing and amending revenue schedules through the lifetime of a project can be updated in one location, whether that is Salesforce or the finance package.
  • Credit visibility: sales staff can be advised if a client has payments to make (but not necessarily the amount) before the next sales call, so helping prioritisation and communication.

By limiting ‘field level security’ at the profile level (we can translate!) and by employing 

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