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 Pledge 1% Member 

At the beginning of 2020, we have decided to officially become members of the Pledge 1% movement and to formally incorporate ways to align our operational structure with our larger business goals.


The 1% Pledge movement enables companies to adopt early philanthropic strategies to their business model and leverages the fact that a small commitment today can bring a huge impact tomorrow. And we believe their message to be true. The Pledge 1% is a global movement that inspires, educates and empowers companies and staff members to be a force for good and to utilise the business platform to bring real, positive and sustainable change.

At Color, we are proud to be Salesforce partners and are continuously inspired by its commitment to using business as a platform for change and as a force for good. But for an SME like ourselves, we’ve struggled in the past to formalise our pro bono projects and to communicate our positive social impact across our client projects and partner relationships. That is until we came across the Pledge 1% movement!

“As businesses, we can be financially successful, and at the same time we can make the world a better place for everyone.”
Marc Benioff | chairman & CEO, Salesforce

Our Pledge

To demonstrate our commitment we have decided to take the following steps to fulfil our Pledge 1% goal: 

  1. Donate at least 1% of employees’ time to local NFP projects 
  2. Donate at least 1% of our product or apps
  3. Work with the wider Salesforce education sector 
  4. Continue to empower others through the Salesforce Mentor-Mentee Programme
  5. Create a stronger local social impact by formalising Color Academy and be a force of good for cloud sorcerers in the North West of the UK. 
  6. [Liverpool City Region pledge]

Our Commitment

Being a Pledge 1% member has given us clarity on how to formally give back to our community and to be a positive force without having to sacrifice our pipeline. We believe that companies of all sizes and of social capacity have the power to bring positive change to their community and to create a society and culture that stands at the frontline of economic and social change. 

We are very proud to have joined the Pledge 1% movement that is involved with some of the most innovative and socially conscious organisations and companies around the world. 

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