A 360-degree view on Applicants

At Color, we love working with organisations that embrace the emerging culture of flexible, web-based working. Digital Mums is training women who want to rejoin the workforce to be an integral part of that culture, prepared for the inevitable changes that will continue revolutionising the economy whilst encouraging family-friendly and flexible careers.

As a private education provider, Digital Mums not only trains women in vital digital skills but fosters a community for their students. Students and staff primarily interact via online meetings, organised through their CRM.

Moving to Salesforce

Color was brought in because Digital Mums needed their CRM platform to be integrated with Mailchimp, an essential tool for student recruitment and retention and we were happy to help them make it a reality while using the Salesforce platform. 

We know that moving to Salesforce is a big step for any business- it’s about more than just setting up a new system. A new Salesforce implementation is often at the core of a business change that takes hard work, skill and patience to successfully achieve. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we had started Digital Mum’s digital transformation journey by starting with what we call a Quickstart Programme. 

A Platform for Growth

With our Quickstart Programme, we were able to set up Digital Mums with the Salesforce Professional Edition in a timely manner giving them the necessary functionality to satisfy their requirements and get to using the platform as soon as possible. These requirements included: 

  1. A 360 view of communication around the Applicant, Programme Partner and Business pipelines
  2. The ability to easily access the data in reports 
  3. Cloud and mobile access to serve geographically dispersed Digital Mums employees
  4. Database of all Mums, Programme Partners and Businesses, with leads generated by the website
  5. An integration with Mailchimp for email marketing and campaigning
  6. Human resources capabilities

In keeping with the Salesforce mantra and Color’s ethos the great majority of the above functionality was provided using ‘clicks, not code’. That is, using the wizard like tools within the Salesforce, such as Visual Workflow and Process Builder, so solutions can be more easily maintained, modified and understood by non-technical staff.

Sales Cloud

360-degree view

Digital Mums’s digital optimisation enabled them to accurately track the progression of their applicants from their first point of contact, through the application process and finally during their enrollment. 

Knowing that the majority of Digital Mums worked remotely, it was important for them to be able to connect with each other and be up to date with their Salesforce org. By enabling mobile access of their org, they could all access while on the go and see the same data as the rest of their organisation. 

Digital Mums’ new Salesforce org greatly improved their internal processes and cut down time of completing mundane tasks for their staff as the insightful data points can easily be captured and ultimately, they can now create reports in just a couple of clicks.