Student Recruitment & Retention

Color are LSTMs Salesforce partner. We have worked with the school since xxxx to deliver a bespoke student information system. The SIS delivers efficiencies that enhance the student experience from application to course completion.


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In October 2016 LSTM used the new Color developed SIS to generate its HESA Student Return 

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Color and LSTM have enjoyed a long-term development partnership from xxxx – present

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Brave New World


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) supports disease-fighting in countries around the world. The school operates at the vanguard of tropical medicine. It is research partner for both The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wolfson Foundation.

The School has robust heritage. In 1898 lecturer Ronald Ross was the first British recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

In 2013 LSTM achieved Higher Education status. Making it independent of, but still affiliated to, the University of Liverpool

Becoming  independent of the University created the need for independent management systems. This included a standalone  Student Information System, or SIS.

LSTM made the decision to develop a custom-built SIS. They selected the market-leading cloud-based CRM platform

The school wanted to reduce the administrative burden of paper applications. LTSM’s internal team created a new online application process for a range courses. The project demonstrated the benefit of cloud solutions to the LSTM executive team. This initiated a search for a Salesforce consultancy partner to deliver a robust SIS.

The SIS project team created a checklist of their requirements. Their brief prioritised a coherent application experience tailored to individual students. The current application process directed all applicants through a generic portal. The new system should take them direct to their course of interest. 

Beyond this primary need, LTSM required the new SIS to deliver efficiencies around:

  • Course module management
  • Management of assessment and marking
  • Generation of course certificates and transcripts
  • Quality management of teaching programmes
  • Delivery of module and programme specifications
  • Production of HESA Student Return

The partner selected  had to ensure a robust transition of all existing processes. 

To add a further layer of complexity, the project had to run alongside LTSM’s new website build.

A Platform for Growth

Color Consultancy were the successful awarded the LTSM contract in xxxx. LSTM entered into a multi-year Support & Enhancement contract with Color. In addition to ap development Color also support the transfer of knowledge to the internal team. 

We manage the existing LSTM SIS solution and have extended its capabilities in several key ways:

Improved application process. Simpler forms. E-mail communications tailored to the type of programme

Enhanced data collection.  Capture of partial form completions. Duplicate applications minimised via tighter validation.

Refined internal approval process. Delivers improved staff productivity. 

Integration with LSTM website. Improved applicant experience – course choice persists through to the application portal.

Better on-site experience. New functionality allows applicants to enquire about specific courses direct from the website. Enquiry, contact and communication records managed and stored in the SIS

Creation of a custom app.  Enables administrative staff to talk students through available module choices. Create associated student assessment records;

Assessment app development.  Allows for the capture of marks. Drives administration process for resits, extensions etc

System driven quality process. Word and PDF outputs to collate and present Module and Programme Specifications.

System delivered certificates and transcripts. Direct system output with required branding and format

Trending dashboard. Automated weekly updates allow LSTM to assess and track student recruitment

A custom audit facility. Allows on-demand reporting for HESA & similar regulatory submissions.

‘clicks, not code’. Salesforce’s mantra and Color’s ethos. Our solutions make the most of the tools within Salesforce. Tools such as Visual Workflow and Process Builder mean non technical staff can use our solutions. 

Single Source of Truth

“The project was built on the vision that the SIS would be “the single source of truth” underpinning the student journey. It was crucial to us that our Salesforce partner understood and shared this vision and would support us in achieving it”. Dr Sue Assinder, Director of Education 

  • Single source of information.  SIS delivers an ecosystem of information and access to external systems. SIS drives all Website content, student IT provisioning and VLE environment enrolment.
  • Transparent audit trail. Across all student applications. Progress accessible to all internal staff.
  • Single document repository. The SIS generates branded documentation for courses and modules allowing for easy audit
  • Automatic calculation of classifications. The SIS calculates student marks and eliminates inconsistencies between inputted marks and transcripts.  Enables efficient generation of certificates and transcripts.
  • Real-time reporting on applications received. Includes pipeline reporting and trending analysis of applications. Demonstrates marketing effectiveness and directs marketing strategy.

“We needed a Salesforce partner who could hit the ground running, master our existing solution and crucially, show us CRM best practice and how to get the most from Salesforce.” Eric Healing, IT Director.