A transformation to Digital Record Maintenance

Miller and Bryce (M&B) is an organisation that delivers analysis and legal certification on land use using the Scottish land registry. Established in 1875 and currently with offices in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, M&B’s parent company Landmark Information Group, are the leading provider of information to the UK property market, and are a cornerstone of the Scottish property world.

A New Reality

As the world and market for property searches evolves towards digital channels, M&B are working towards increasing The Scottish land registry by digitising land registration information as approximately half the register remains in physical form and in Latin.

M&B reports on historical underground land use under, to ward against sinkholes caused by coal mining, amongst a plethora of land use cases. They query the land register and must produce a legal report validating what lies underfoot for the property owner.

A Platform for Growth

The central challenge in our project with M&B: how to impose structure on an inherently flexible platform. So why choose Salesforce? In essence, tight visibility control and field auditing: seeing who does what, where, clearly and accurately. 

Millar and Bryce (M&B) needed multiple forms for the creation and the fulfilment of their orders. These new forms were created with a series of fields both using standard and complex functionality allowing the quick creation, expansion and alteration of the M&B  forms.To facilitate and ease the day to day tasks for the M&B staff, Color used the application of metadata records in which users can quickly and accurately alter the form’s structure and fields to ensure long-lasting usability as their operations and processes grow. Due to client requirements, there are values that must reference other values within a fulfilment form. However it must be a strict direct reference to the value and not simply a reference to a value index, that might change in the course of form editing.

By the creation of a semi-permanent key against each value that is referenced, we can enforce direct reference to a given value that can persist across fulfilment form saving and loading.

The overall impact of the ongoing work we have completed with Millar and Bryce is an increased level of efficiency and effectiveness for data input and order fulfilment, by this measure we have provided them to tools to quickly add and alter Order based workflows as well as collaborate on Orders and Order Fulfilment in a much more streamlined and efficient manner.

The solution provided has given the client a more streamlined workflow, allowing for greater productivity and better placement of resources to achieve their end product. By giving the client the ability to further alter the layout and possibly modify questions posed in internal forms, we can give greater flexibility as well as a quicker turnaround of changes and new forms, further increasing their productivity as further automation is completed.