Salesforce Lightning Optimisation

Swivel Secure (SS) is an international industry leader in authentication solutions. Founded in 2001, Swivel Secure protects thousands of companies in 52 countries and delivers multi-factor authentication solutions combined with single sign-on and risk-based authentication for intelligently securing cloud and on-premise architecture.

SS’s tireless innovations are at the forefront of IT security and authentication with over 20 patents in the UK, Europe and the USA. SS is an award-winning company for their AuthControl Sentry product, like for their others, it can be integrated into a wide number of other platforms, giving their clients confidence and security.

A New Reality

Swivel Secure (SS) already had a Salesforce platform but unfortunately, it was not set up appropriately and SS wasn’t able to use to its best capacity. Swivel Secure had trouble finding the right kind of data in which it also took time to find when they did. 

Consequently, their data quality was poor, and their reports were not reflecting accurately their business processes.

A Platform for Growth

The delivered Color solution was first a clean Salesforce org and a transition to the new Lightning version with the right support and training. Color improved their quality of life processes by automating a number of their daily tasks and therefore standardising their internal processes. Color has also integrated Jira, a management tool, to their Salesforce org as well as a custom proof of concept, sub-process pipeline, to their Opportunity object. 

Color was able to deliver a Salesforce solution with the appropriate processes that suited Swivel Secure’s specific business needs, optimise and future proof their processes to be able to grow and expand with the company, as well as set new standard of data quality that the SS team can now rely on and get insights from in order to be the best IT security providers to their clients.