How a Healthcheck Can Revitalise your Salesforce Org

The University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS) is the department of the University that is the centre for management and leadership. Focused on courses and training events in which they work closely with industry professionals, ULMS offers its students opportunities to network alongside transferable skills with the aim to inspire the future leaders to be socially responsible global citizens.

“Our vision is to be a globally connected Management School whose transformative research and teaching places us at the forefront of influential knowledge leadership. This brings us together with students, business and society in learning to make a difference…”

The School had used Salesforce for many years to hold information on its external contacts, but to help the School better understand, map and report on these connections, we proposed to start optimising their Salesforce Org with a quick Healthcheck.

This process revealed that ULMS had renamed the Accounts and Contacts Objects based upon criteria and categories; this methodology restricted their need to report back information. As a result, they approached us to help them optimise their Org, to understand how to properly organise and filter their data so that it can reveal the key insights they were looking for.



The Process

With the enforced migration to the Lightning Experience fast approaching, it was imperative that they have their Org optimised for Lightning layouts, in which we worked with them to determine what the most relevant information on the page was required and how best to format that for a much more streamlined end-user experience.

With the ULMS legacy data, there were a few challenges to tackle

  • Account information stored in the name
  • Lack of data points to utilise dashboards and reports
  • Inefficient layout structure for their data

Through communicating and running a Discovery session with ULMS, we were able to fully capture the way they handle and manage their business processes. With that acquired knowledge, we were able to scope out the best strategy and determine how to best assist them as well. 

“Color Consulancy were great to work with. They really listened to our needs and requirements, and having taken those on board, were therefore able to provide a very bespoke, customised Salesforce solution for the School.” Anne Donnelly| Business Development Manager

The Results

Consequently, we decided to split the necessary data out into picklists and checkboxes which can later be easily used for flagging and reporting and create a streamlined method of company sizes and industry sectors.

We also implemented a scoring system for them to use in relation to the events and activities held with their businesses known as the EQUIS score. Utilising the standard events that they hold, we applied the scoring system which rolls up to the appropriate Account and allows for top-level tracking of how they are doing.

By implementing all these changes and performing our Healthcheck programme, we’ve managed to optimise the way they run their business, to provide data for others to access, and we created a tidier Salesforce environment for their relevant records.