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Through our collaboration, all of your customer information will be stored in one place giving you 360-degree view at work, remotely or on-the-go. The Salesforce Sales Cloud enables its users to always be on top of their tasks and be more productive with bespoke alerts and task reminders as well as a customised and intuitive user interface. Instead of working for it, your new Salesforce CRM will work for you, with our expert knowledge, your Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation will be fully optimised in order to make your life easier and evolve alongside your organisation.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Maximise sales performance
  • Real-time data insights
  • Work from anywhere & boost productivity
  • Optimised processes and streamlined user experiences
  • An ever-evolving platform that will grow along with your organisation

On average, with a custom made Sales Cloud implementation, businesses can expect a 41% increase in productivity, a decrease of 31% in Pipeline Management Time and a decrease of 29% in Reporting Time.


The Salesforce Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s sales platform that helps organisations gain a 360° view of their customer and prospect interactions, and so a more accurate and dependable take on future revenues.

With industry-leading functionality like Flow and Process Builder Color will optimise your processes, centralise your data and build insightful and timely reporting. Color, as your Salesforce consultant, takes clients from offline or fragmented processes and systems to a cohesive Salesforce CRM, at any of the Salesforce price ranges. And for organisations already using Salesforce Classic, we can manage a rollout strategy to the new Salesforce Lightning platform.

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