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For superior student engagement, we start with the world's No 1 platform, the Salesforce Education Cloud. Seamlessly connect customers with organisations and take advantage of all the educational apps and functionality the Salesforce Education Cloud has to offer.

We optimise Salesforce Education Cloud for a 360° student engagement


Automated interactions per month

Grow student numbers

Competition for students has never been as strong, especially to attract the most able. We work with your admissions team to automatically score and respond to applicants, integrate nurture campaigns with your website and online marketing, and then systematically optimise for success.

Improve the student experience

Today’s student rightly demands more from their digital interactions and with Color you can deliver that ‘more’ using the Salesforce Education Cloud. Whether it is an exceptional, branded UI, or timely responses to queries, or seamless integration with your other campus systems, your future students will notice the difference.

Reduce your institutional workload

Across campus, more is increasingly demanded from less. Using automations Color reduce the operational burden of mundane, repeatable tasks, freeing up staff to deliver value where it matters. Where possible, we make these automations configurable without code, so your team can be empowered to innovate.

Why choose us?

For our proven methodology

Relevant skills for Education projects

Language of Education

Students as customers, applicants as prospects – not everyone welcomes this brave new world. We understand that. Instead, we work to translate the world of CRM so it works for you and your team. Whether it is the syntax of HESA returns, the intricacies of transcript outputs, or mastering the powerful Education Data Architecture (EDA) from Salesforce, we have you covered with Salesforce Education Cloud.

Flexible, Agile Development

When redesigning legacy ways of working, often some requirements are not known immediately. We understand that. Our flexible and agile approach to development allows multiple, irritative outputs as your team becomes aware of the possibilities. We start with discovery, agree the use cases, replay back regularly, and then test robustly. And all within project governance that meets your specification.

Proven Education Solutions

As a busy, results-focused institution you do not want a technology partner learning on the job. We understand that. Our many years implementing the Salesforce Education Cloud, other Salesforce services and tools in an educational context means we have an array of proven solutions for any campus, a team that understands the timetable of education and have certifications to match.

Student Recruitment

Getting the best students for your institution has to be the primary focus. Using tools such as Pardot, Salesforce Communities and FormAssembly we empower your admissions team to target, score and nurture the best of applicants. 

Integrated marketing tools like Pardot provide a coherent view of what is working in your marketing mix, what applicants are engaging with on your website and other content, score them for both activity and match, and then reach out with scheduled nurture messages built from the Engagement Studio. 

After piquing your applicant’s interest we then take them to your on-brand community, or applicant portal, with all the information your next student needs to be persuaded to apply. And of course, our recruitment solutions provide application forms, complex, simple or in between – you specify. All activities are behind the sort of security that only Salesforce Communities and the Salesforce Education Cloud can provide and with our Color Privacy Centre it meets any GDPR needs. 

Optimising Admissions

Efficiently prioritising which applicants will be successful and which need a more detailed review is at the heart of a healthy admissions process. At Color we help by building application processes that gather the correct information, inform the correct staff and facilitate communication with your applicant about offers and acceptance. Of course, all of this is recorded to provide a full 360° view for future review.

At the heart of this are automations, which in Salesforce speak can either be Processes or more involved Visual Workflows (aka Flows). Don’t worry if this isn’t your lingo – we are conversant and can translate. In short, it means that more of your repeatable admissions activities can be automated – to increase response times, reduce errors and focus your staff on where they add most value. 

And by building this with the sort of configuration tools for which the Salesforce Education Cloud excels, these automations can be built and maintained without code – increasing flexibility and re-use.

Assessment Centre

Having got your student through admissions they are now on campus, physically or virtually, and are receiving their education. Your institution may already have a VLE or similar for assessing student performance but to ensure comprehensive regulatory reporting, these assessment scores can also be recorded back against the student record – either via a VLE integration or a more manual process.

The Color education solution, built on the Salesforce Education Cloud, provides a full model for defining assessments against the module and the students attainment in that assessment. Resits are allowed and can follow institution specific logic. Cohort averages can be provided and summaries back to the module or course provided in page.  

When course outcomes are known both transcripts and awards can be provided direct from your Salesforce Org, through our partner app, Conga Composer.

Curriculum Builder

The ability to quickly create Programmes, Courses and Modules to match changes in the market is becoming ever more important. But to date most student record systems have made this difficult and cumbersome – but not with the Salesforce Education Cloud, and not with Color. Courses can be created to your specification, to a range of awarding bodies if required, and even published direct to your website if required (with approval processes, of course).

Many UK educational institutions follow an annual curriculum quality process that provides the institution with a clear definition of the precise course components sat by each cohort. This is essential to effective regulatory reporting, such as required for the HESA Student Return. With the Color Curriculum Builder, using the EDA framework, this capability is baked in. 

We also facilitate course and module specifications output (Word or PDF), direct from your Salesforce Org, again using our partner app, Conga Composer.

Student Self Service

In an always-on world when students request support, your registry team may not be available. So allowing students to self-serve via Salesforce Communities can both improve student engagement and lower the cost to serve.

As with the applicant portal, a student community can be branded to your requirements or utilise a Community theme if a simpler design is needed. Built on common web standards there is no limit to what a Salesforce Community can deliver. Whether students are seeking information on grant support, local tax rules or even choosing their next modules, Salesforce Communities are secure, robust and inherently linked to Salesforce data. Permissions rules will enforce who sees what and, of course, GDPR is fully catered for with the Color Privacy Centre.

This functionality can all be provided by your own branded mobile app, whether direct from the Community or for a deeper experience, one of Color’s app partners.

Regulatory Returns

In a UK context educational institutions must provide a range of regulatory returns, with Higher Ed groups answering to HESA, principally for the Student Return. With Color this complex and evolving requirement is met using a low code solution that facilities ease of use and iteration. 

Pseudo XML is created in real time within the system for a variety of system actions, such as new course/programme, new student on programme etc. These are then wrapped in defined institution specific headers and made available in the HESA mandated XML for submission.

The Color education solution and the Salesforce Education Cloud have been designed to be fully compliant with the evolving Data Futures specification from HESA.


Across campus you will have a range of new and legacy solutions that need integration with your student record. Color has detailed experience of integrating Salesforce with a range of cloud and on-premise solutions across a range of sectors. In the education context, integrations have included with a VLE, with ActiveDirectory and with legacy SQL databases.

A major benefit of using Salesforce as your educational hub is the range in capability of the numerous APIs provided and the wide ecosystem of apps and integration tools, such as Mulesoft.

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