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At Color, we strongly believe in empowering our clients and in helping them achieve their organisational goals. We want them to become independent through our training programmes, but without the risk of feeling like they are on their own. With our support packages, Color will always be close by, working hard towards building a strong community of cloud sorcerers!

Key Benefits

  • Designated support manager
  • Cost-effective and bespoke support services made to meet your organisation’s needs
  • System Administrator support
  • Monitoring of system health
  • Knowledge transfer of best practices

On average, with a custom made Salesforce implementation, businesses can expect a 41% increase in productivity, a decrease of 31% in Pipeline Management Time and a decrease of 29% in Reporting Time.


At Color, we aim to offer support options that meet our clients’ needs on an individual basis. As a result, we offer two support services: our Responsive Support contract and our Managed Service. The responsive support contract offers our clients a dedicated channel of communication in which every enquiry is issued through a ticketing system with the possibility of delivering minor updates. Our managed service goes deeper and answers a more complex organisational need; it provides a dedicated Color staff to take control over their Salesforce Org Admin duties, and is the main point of contact to answer any questions that may arise internally. In either case, our priority at Color is to ensure our clients feel empowered and that their needs are met head-on!

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