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As a Salesforce Registered Partner we talk the lingo of world’s No 1 platform for connecting customers and organisations, and make sure the Salesforce clouds sing to your tune and deliver to your goals. As your Salesforce consultants, we will work hard to ensure all of your needs are met head-on and that you gain maximum value from your Salesforce Org.

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What is the Cloud and what’s so special about it?

Being cloud-based removes the need to purchase hardware, install software, maintain networks, and all the other IT hassle – basically freeing you to run your company, education institution or NFP organisation. Our chosen suite of Cloud services run on any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone, giving you the right information at the right time. 

Much has changed in the market over the last few years and the Cloud platforms we use are mature, sophisticated and fit for purpose. Ever wanted to communicate with customers more seamlessly through your CRM? Or automate internal order processes that today involve duplication, errors, and needless dead (decision?) trees? Cut the hassle out of expenses? Streamline recruitment processes? We have provided solutions to these challenges and more, using Cloud services. 

I’ve heard about Salesforce - how does it relate to Cloud?

Well, Salesforce is the 300 pound gorilla in our digital ecosystem. We are friends and masters of Salesforce (click here to view our certs). Our relationship with Salesforce – the premier SaaS Cloud CRM – is deep and covers both and Members of the Color team have spoken at Salesforce conferences, attend our annual industry conferences and regularly take part & organise local Salesforce user groups in the North West of England.

But this zoo has many more beasts, such as Zapier for connecting systems, Xero for finances, Workday for HR processes, and ClickUp for teamwork without email. In fact the list of Business Cloud services is growing daily. We stay ahead of developments in our end of the woods so you can focus on yours. 

Who are Color?

We’re more than happy (if not privileged!) to describe ourselves as a Liverpool-based organisation, specialising in Cloud services and specifically Salesforce. But this belies our national and international reach, with clients across the UK and Western Europe. We bring an enthusiasm born from our aim when we moved into this industry: of combining the energy of a marketing agency with the technical competency of an IT consultancy. Though we didn’t begin as tech specialists, our expertise is indisputable. Our journey shows that with drive and an engaged mentality, the sky’s the limit with the Cloud. 

Why Color?

Where to begin! We stick to the Color mantra: Without code, without pain, and without delay.

We aim to empower, not just deliver – our Support and Training packages are designed so you won’t feel dependent on us. Take a look at our Case Studies – our clients run the gamut of SMEs with an eye to lead growth to universities re-imagining the power of their SIS, not to mention NFPs and Research-led organisations.

Do I need Color?

Well, perhaps one day you won’t need companies like Color. But for the time being we believe you are more likely to shift your success forward quicker and more cost effectively with a partner who knows their workflow cirrus from their API nimbus.

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